In May 1959 trolleybuses were introduced to replace the tram. The lines to VN de Gaia, Campanhã and Lordelo were the first to be converted. Also branches were made through streets were no trams had been. Gradually the network did grow in east and north-east directions. The system was at its maximum extend in the seventies and eighties with a network length of over 40 km and more than 100 trolleybuses on duty. In the 1990's the sytem was shut down.

BUT (1-20 & 21-26)

Trolleybus operation in 1959 did start with 20 BUT's (British United Trolley) with seating for 32. They had a chassis from Leyland and a 99 kW electric motor from Metropolitan-Vickers.
In 1963 they were followed by another 6 vehicles of the same type, but with three doors instead of two and seating reduced to 20. The trolleybuses 1 & 23 are preserved for the museum, the others were scrapped.

BUT trolleybus 18 in 1992

BUT trolleybus 23 in 2002 in the museum
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Lancia single-deck (27-51)

In 1966/7 the single-deck trolleybus fleet was extended by 25 vehicles. The bodies were made by Dalfa. The chassis came from Lancia's with a 110 kW GCE electric motor. Seating was for 29. This type was nicknamed "Italianos". Trolleybus 43 is part of the museum collection, the others were scrapped.
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Lancia double-deck (101-150)

Together with the Italianos, 50 double-deck trolleybuses were acquired from the same suppliers. Seating was for 68 and they had a two-man crew. In 1990 they were converted for one-man operation. In 1995 they were withdrawn. Trolleybus 102 is part of the Porto museum collection and 140 went to the Sandtoft trolleybus museum in England.

Lancia trolleybus 131 at Bolhão in 1993
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Efacec (61-75)

15 trolleybuses were acquired in 1983/4 from Salvador Caetano. The 131 kW electric motor came from Éfácéc with components from Kiepe. They also had an auxillary 50 kW Diesel motor from Hatz. No.74 is preserved for the Porto museum but went in 2003 to Coimbra. The others went in October 2000 to Almaty in Kazakhstan.

Efacec trolleybus 65 in 1997 at Bolhão
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Efacec articulado (161-170)

10 articulated articulated trolleybuses were delivered by the same suppliers in 1984/5. They were technicaly equal to the smaller type but had electric motors of 209 kW. No.167 is preserved for the Porto museum but went in 2003 to Coimbra. The others went in October 2000 to Almaty in Kazakhstan.
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